SIC Code 2044 Rice Milling




Establishments primarily engaged in cleaning and polishing rice, and in manufacturing rice flour or meal. Other important products of this industry include brown rice, milled rice (including polished rice), rice polish, and rice bran. 

Illustrative Examples

  • Flour, rice
  • Milling of rice
  • Polishing of rice
  • Rice bran, flour, and meal
  • Rice cleaning and polishing
  • Rice polish
  • Rice brewers'
  • Rice brown
  • Rice, vitamin and mineral enriched

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Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 204401Rice Mills (mfrs)

7-digit SIC

  • 2044001Rice Mills Mfg
  • 2044002Rice Bran
  • 2044003Brewers Rice
  • 2044004Brown Rice
  • 2044005Enriched Rice
  • 2044006Rice Flour
  • 2044007Rice Meal
  • 2044008Milled Rice
  • 2044009Rice Milling

8-digit SIC

  • 20440000Rice Milling
  • 20449901Bran, Rice
  • 20449902Brewers' Rice
  • 20449903Brown Rice
  • 20449904Enriched Rice (vitamin And Mineral Fortified)
  • 20449905Flour, Rice
  • 20449907Meal, Rice
  • 20449908Milled Rice
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