NAICS Code 484220 Specialized Freight (except Used Goods) Trucking, Local


Transportation and Warehousing


This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing local, specialized trucking. Local trucking establishments provide trucking within a metropolitan area that may cross state lines. Generally the trips are sameday return.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in
  • Providing long-distance specialized freight (except used goods) trucking including all North American international travel: classified in Industry 484230, Specialized Freight (except Used Goods) Trucking,Long-Distance
  • Providing local general freight trucking: classified in Industry 484110, General Freight Trucking, Local
  • Providing trucking of used household and office goods: classified in Industry 484210, Used Household and Office Goods Moving
  • Providing waste collection: classified in Industry Group 5621, Waste Collection.

Illustrative Examples

  • Local livestock trucking
  • Local dump trucking (e.g., gravel, sand, top-soil)
  • Local bulk liquids trucking
  • Local boat hauling
  • Local agricultural products trucking

Industries Included

  • Agricultural products trucking, local
  • Ash, garbage, recyclable material, refuse, rubbish, trash, or waste hauling (except collection or disposal)
  • Automobile carrier trucking, local
  • Boat hauling, truck, local
  • Bulk liquids trucking, local
  • Coal hauling, truck, local
  • Dry bulk trucking (except garbage collection, garbage hauling), local
  • Dump trucking (e.g., gravel, sand, top-soil)
  • Farm products hauling, local
  • Flatbed trucking, local
  • Grain hauling, local
  • Gravel hauling, local
  • Livestock trucking, local
  • Log hauling, local
  • Milk hauling, local
  • Mobile home towing services, local
  • Oil and gas field equipment trucking, local
  • Refrigerated products trucking, local
  • Sand hauling, local
  • Tanker trucking (e.g., chemical, juice, milk, petroleum), local
  • Top-soil hauling, local
  • Tracked vehicle freight transportation, local
  • Trucking, specialized freight (except used goods), local

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