SIC Code 9451 Administration of Veterans' Affairs, except Health and Insurance


Public Administration


Government establishments primarily engaged in administration of programs of assistance, training, counselling, and other services to veterans and their dependents, heirs or survivors. Also included are offices that maintain liaison and coordinate activities with other service organizations and governmental agencies.

Cross References

Veterans'hospitals are classified in Services, Industry Group 806, and veterans'insurance in Insurance, Major Group 63.

Illustrative Examples

Veterans'affairs offices

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Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 945101Federal Govt-veterans Affairs Admin
  • 945102State Government-veterans Affairs Admin
  • 945103County Government-veterans Affairs Admin
  • 945104City Government-veterans Affairs Admin
  • 945105Veterans & Military Information/svcs

7-digit SIC

  • 9451001Veterans & Military Information/servicess
  • 9451002Federal Government-veterans Affairs Admin
  • 9451003State Government-veterans Affairs Admin
  • 9451004County Government-veterans Affairs Admin
  • 9451005City Government-veterans Affairs Admin
  • 9451006Administration Of Veterans Affairs, Level Of Government

8-digit SIC

  • 94510000Administration Of Veterans' Affairs
  • 94510400Administration Of Veterans' Affairs, Level Of Government
  • 94510401Administration Of Veterans' Affairs, Federal Government
  • 94510402Administration Of Veterans' Affairs, State Government
  • 94510403Administration Of Veterans' Affairs, County Government
  • 94510404Administration Of Veterans' Affairs, Local Government
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Est. Employment:55