SIC Code 9223 Correctional Institutions


Public Administration


Government establishments primarily engaged in the confinement and correction of offenders sentenced by a court.

Cross References

Private establishments primarily engaged in the confinement and correction of offenders sentenced by a court are classified in Services, Industry 8744. Half-way houses for ex-convicts and homes for delinquents are classified in Services, Industry 8361.

Illustrative Examples

Correctional institutions-government, Detention centers-government, Honor camps-government, Houses of correction-government, Jails-government, Penitentiaries-government, Prison farms-government, Prisons-government, Reformatories-government

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Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 922301Federal Govt-correctional Institutions
  • 922302State Govt-correctional Institutions
  • 922303County Govt-correctional Institutions
  • 922304City Govt-correctional Institutions

7-digit SIC

  • 9223001Correctional Institutions
  • 9223002State Government-correctional Institutions
  • 9223003County Government-correctional Institutions
  • 9223004Government-jails
  • 9223005Government-detention Centers
  • 9223006Government-prisons
  • 9223007Federal Government-correctional Institutions
  • 9223008City Government-correctional Institutions
  • 9223009Correctional Institutions, Level Of Government
  • 9223010Honor Camp, Government
  • 9223011House Of Correction, Government
  • 9223012Penitentiary, Government
  • 9223013Prison Farm, Government
  • 9223014Reformatory, Government

8-digit SIC

  • 92230000Correctional Institutions
  • 92230400Correctional Institutions, Level Of Government
  • 92230401Correctional Institutions, Federal Government
  • 92230402Correctional Institutions, State Government
  • 92230403Correctional Institutions, County Government
  • 92230404Correctional Institutions, Local Government
  • 92239901Detention Center, Government
  • 92239902Honor Camp, Government
  • 92239903House Of Correction, Government
  • 92239904Jail, Government
  • 92239905Penitentiary, Government
  • 92239906Prison Farm, Government
  • 92239907Prison, Government
  • 92239908Reformatory, Government
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