SIC Code 8093 Specialty Outpatient Facilities, not elsewhere classified




Establishments primarily engaged in outpatient care of a specialized nature with permanent facilities and with medical staff to provide diagnosis, treatment, or both for patients who are ambulatory and do not require inpatient care.

Cross References

Offices and clinics of health practitioners are classified according to their primary activity in Industry Groups 801 through 804.

Illustrative Examples

Alcohol treatment, outpatient clinics, Biofeedback centers, Birth control clinics (family planning), Drug treatment, outpatient clinics, Outpatient detoxification centers, Outpatient mental health clinics, Outpatient treatment clinics for alcoholism and drug addiction, Rehabilitation centers, outpatient (medical treatment), Respiratory therapy clinics

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Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 809301Eyesight Training
  • 809302Respiratory Therapy
  • 809303Outpatient Services
  • 809304Abortion Information & Services
  • 809305Mental Health Clinics
  • 809306Health Related Facilities
  • 809307Emergency Minor Medical Facilities/svcs
  • 809308Surgical Centers
  • 809309Body Movement Education
  • 809310Hyperbaric Services
  • 809311Emergency Industrial Medical Units
  • 809312Hair Clinics
  • 809313Industrial Medicine
  • 809314Integrated Medicine
  • 809315Infertility Counseling
  • 809399Specialty Outpatient Clinics Nec

7-digit SIC

  • 8093001Specialty Outpatient Clinics Nec
  • 8093002Rehabilitation Treatment Center
  • 8093003Mental Health Clinics
  • 8093004Outpatient Alcohol Clinics
  • 8093005Outpatient Drug Clinic
  • 8093006Outpatient Substance Abuse Clinics
  • 8093007Family Planning Clinics
  • 8093008Weight Loss Clinic With Medical Staff
  • 8093009Family Planning & Birth Control Clinics
  • 8093010Respiratory Therapy
  • 8093011Abortion Clinics
  • 8093012Smoking Clinics
  • 8093013Speech Defect Clinics
  • 8093014Birth Control Clinics
  • 8093015Outpatient Detoxification Centers
  • 8093016Biofeedback Centers
  • 8093017Respiratory Health Clinics
  • 8093018Emergency Minor Medical Facilities/servicess
  • 8093019Eyesight Training
  • 8093020Outpatient Services
  • 8093021Abortion Information & Services
  • 8093022Health Related Facilities
  • 8093023Surgical Centers
  • 8093024Body Movement Education
  • 8093025Hyperbaric Services
  • 8093026Emergency Industrial Medical Units
  • 8093027Hair Clinics
  • 8093028Industrial Medicine
  • 8093029Integrated Medicine
  • 8093030Infertility Counseling

8-digit SIC

  • 80930000Specialty Outpatient Clinics, Nec
  • 80930100Substance Abuse Clinics (outpatient)
  • 80930101Alcohol Clinic, Outpatient
  • 80930102Detoxification Center, Outpatient
  • 80930103Drug Clinic, Outpatient
  • 80930200Respiratory Health Clinic
  • 80930201Respiratory Therapy Clinic
  • 80930202Smoking Clinic
  • 80930300Family Planning And Birth Control Clinics
  • 80930301Abortion Clinic
  • 80930302Birth Control Clinic
  • 80930303Family Planning Clinic
  • 80939901Biofeedback Center
  • 80939902Mental Health Clinic, Outpatient
  • 80939903Rehabilitation Center, Outpatient Treatment
  • 80939904Speech Defect Clinic
  • 80939905Weight Loss Clinic, With Medical Staff