SIC Code 6351 Surety Insurance


Finance, Insurance, Real Estate


Establishments primarily engaged in underwriting financial responsibility insurance.

Illustrative Examples

Assessment associations, surety and fidelity insurance, Bonding for guaranteeing job completion, Bonding of employees, Bonding, fidelity or surety, Credit and other financial responsibility insurance, Fidelity insurance, Financial responsibility insurance, Liability insurance, Mortgage guaranty insurance, Reciprocal interinsurance exchanges, Surety and fidelity insurance, Surety insurance, Warranty insurance, home

Industry Leaders

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 635101Bonds-bail
  • 635102Bonds-surety & Fidelity
  • 635103Insurance-bonds
  • 635104Insurance-liability
  • 635105Credit Card-protection Service
  • 635106Bonding Agents
  • 635107Home Warranty Plans
  • 635108Bail Commissioners
  • 635109Warranty Programs-extended

7-digit SIC

  • 6351001Bonds-bail
  • 6351002Credit & Other Financial Responsibility Insurance
  • 6351003Insurance-liability
  • 6351004Bonds-surety & Fidelity
  • 6351005Mortgage Guarantee Insurance
  • 6351006Surety Insurance Bonding
  • 6351007Home Warranty Plans
  • 6351008Employee Bonding
  • 6351009Job Completion Guarantee Bonding
  • 6351010Insurance-bonds
  • 6351011Credit Card-protection Services
  • 6351012Fidelity Insurance
  • 6351013Bonding Agents
  • 6351014Fidelity Responsibility Insurance
  • 6351015Bail Commissioners
  • 6351016Assessment Associations, Surety & Fidelity Insurance
  • 6351017Reciprocal Interinsurance Exchanges-surety, Fidelity
  • 6351018Warranty Programs-extended

8-digit SIC

  • 63510000Surety Insurance
  • 63510100Surety Insurance Bonding
  • 63510101Employee Bonding
  • 63510102Fidelity Or Surety Bonding
  • 63510103Job Completion Guarantee Bonding
  • 63510200Fidelity Insurance
  • 63510201Fidelity Responsibility Insurance
  • 63519901Assessment Associations, Surety And Fidelity Insurance
  • 63519902Credit And Other Financial Responsibility Insurance
  • 63519903Liability Insurance
  • 63519904Mortgage Guarantee Insurance
  • 63519905Reciprocal Interinsurance Exchanges: Surety, Fidelity
  • 63519906Warranty Insurance, Home