SIC Code 6153 Short-Term Business Credit Institutions, except Agricultural


Finance, Insurance, Real Estate


Establishments primarily engaged in extending credit to business enterprises for relatively short periods.

Cross References

Private establishments primarily engaged in extending agricultural credit are classified in Industry 6159.

Illustrative Examples

Business credit institutions, short-term, Credit card service, Direct working capital financing, Factors of commercial paper, Financing of dealers by motor vehicle, manufacturers'organizations, Installment notes, buying of, Installment paper dealer, Mercantile financing, Purchasers of accounts receivable and commercial paper, Trust deeds, purchase and sale of Working capital financing

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Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 615301Factors
  • 615302Credit Card & Other Credit Plans
  • 615303Financing-business
  • 615304Financing-insurance Premium
  • 615305Debt Buyers

7-digit SIC

  • 6153001Short-term Business Credit Institutions (except Agricultural)
  • 6153002Working Capital Financing
  • 6153003Factors
  • 6153004Purchasers Of Accounts Receivable & Commercial Paper
  • 6153005Credit Card Services Or Central Agency Collection
  • 6153006Mercantile Financing
  • 6153007Automobile Dealer Financing
  • 6153008Direct Working Capital Financing
  • 6153009Credit Card & Other Credit Plans
  • 6153010Factors Of Commercial Paper
  • 6153011Financing-business
  • 6153012Financing-insurance Premium
  • 6153013Installment Paper
  • 6153014Debt Buyers
  • 6153015Buying Of Installment Notes
  • 6153016Purchase & Sale Of Trust Deeds

8-digit SIC

  • 61530000Short-term Business Credit Institutions, Except Agricultural
  • 61530100Working Capital Financing
  • 61530101Direct Working Capital Financing
  • 61530200Factoring Services
  • 61530201Factors Of Commercial Paper
  • 61530202Purchasers Of Accounts Receivable And Commercial Paper
  • 61530300Installment Paper
  • 61530301Buying Of Installment Notes
  • 61539901Credit Card Services, Central Agency Collection
  • 61539902Financing Of Dealers By Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Organ.
  • 61539903Mercantile Financing
  • 61539904Purchase And Sale Of Trust Deeds