SIC Code 4812 Radiotelephone Communications


Transportation & Public Utilities


Establishments primarily engaged in providing two-way radiotelephone communications services, such as cellular telephone services. This industry also includes establishments primarily engaged in providing telephone paging and beeper services and those engaged in leasing telephone lines or other methods of telephone transmission, such as optical fiber lines and microwave or satellite facilities, and reselling the use of such methods to others.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in furnishing telephone answering services are classified in services, industry 7389.

Illustrative Examples

Beeper (radio pager), communications services, cellular telephone services, paging services: radiotelephone, radiotelephone communications.

Sample Business Listings

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 481201Paging & Signaling Svc-common Carrier
  • 481202Paging & Signaling Service-private Systs
  • 481203Emergency Reporting Systems
  • 481204Radiotelephone Communications
  • 481205Mobile Telephone Service
  • 481206Beepers-equipment Service & Repair
  • 481207Cellular Telephones (services)
  • 481208Marine-radio Telephone Service
  • 481210Pagers-sales & Service
  • 481211Paging Equipment-sales & Service
  • 481212Paging & Signaling Equipment & Systems

7-digit SIC

  • 4812001Radiotelephone Communications
  • 4812002Pagers-sales & Services
  • 4812003Radio Pager Communication Services
  • 4812004Cellular Telephones Services
  • 4812005Paging & Signaling Services-common Carrier
  • 4812006Paging & Signaling Services -private Systems
  • 4812007Emergency Reporting Systems
  • 4812008Mobile Telephone Services
  • 4812009Beepers-equipment Services & Repair
  • 4812010Marine-radio Telephone Services
  • 4812011Paging Equipment-sales & Services
  • 4812012Paging & Signaling Equipment & Systems

8-digit SIC

  • 48120000Radiotelephone Communication
  • 48129901Cellular Telephone Services
  • 48129902Paging Services
  • 48129903Radio Pager (beeper) Communication Services