SIC Code 3724 Aircraft Engines and Engine Parts




Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing aircraft engines and engine parts. This industry also includes establishments owned by aircraft engine manufacturers and primarily engaged in research and development on aircraft engines and engine parts whether from enterprise funds or on a contract or fee basis. Also included are establishments engaged in repairing and rebuilding aircraft engines on a factory basis.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing guided missile and space vehicle propulsion units and parts are classified in Industry 3764; those manufacturing aircraft intake and exhaust valves and pistons are classified in Industry 3592; and those manufacturing aircraft internal combustion engine filters are classified in Industry 3714. Establishments primarily engaged in the repair of aircraft engines, except on a factory basis, are classified in Transportation, Industry 4581; and research and development on aircraft engines on a contract or fee basis by establishments not owned by aircraft engine manufacturers are classified in Services, Industry 8731.

Illustrative Examples

  • Air scoops, aircraft
  • Aircraft engines and engine parts, internal combustion and jetAirfoils, aircraft engineCooling systems, aircraft engineEngine heaters, aircraftEngine mount parts, aircraftExhaust systems, aircraftExternal power units, aircraft: for hand-inertia startersJet assisted takeoff devices (JATO)Lubricating systems, aircraftPumps, aircraft engineResearch and development on aircraft engines and engine parts by theRocket motors, aircraftStarters, aircraft: nonelectricTurbines, aircraft typeTurbo-superchargers, aircraft

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Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 372401Aircraft Engines-manufacturers
  • 372402Aircraft Tooling (manufacturers)
  • 372403Jet Propulsion Equipment (manufacturers)
  • 372498Aircraft Engines & Engine Parts Mfg

7-digit SIC

  • 3724001Aircraft Engines & Engine Parts Mfg
  • 3724002Aircraft Engines & Parts Research & Development
  • 3724003Aircraft Tooling Mfg
  • 3724004Aircraft Engines Mfg
  • 3724005Jet Propulsion Equipment Mfg
  • 3724006Airfoils, Aircraft Engine
  • 3724007Cooling Systems, Aircraft Engine
  • 3724008Engine Heaters, Aircraft
  • 3724009Engine Mount Parts, Aircraft
  • 3724010Exhaust Systems, Aircraft
  • 3724011External Power Units, For Hand Inertia Starters, Aircraft
  • 3724012Jet Assisted Takeoff Devices
  • 3724013Lubricating Systems, Aircraft
  • 3724014Nonelectric Starters, Aircraft
  • 3724015Pumps, Aircraft Engine
  • 3724016Rocket Motors, Aircraft
  • 3724017Starting Vibrators, Aircraft Engine
  • 3724018Turbines, Aircraft Type
  • 3724019Turbo-superchargers, Aircraft

8-digit SIC

  • 37240000Aircraft Engines And Engine Parts
  • 37249901Air Scoops, Aircraft
  • 37249902Airfoils, Aircraft Engine
  • 37249903Cooling Systems, Aircraft Engine
  • 37249904Engine Heaters, Aircraft
  • 37249905Engine Mount Parts, Aircraft
  • 37249906Exhaust Systems, Aircraft
  • 37249907External Power Units, For Hand Inertia Starters, Aircraft
  • 37249908Jet Assisted Takeoff Devices (jato)
  • 37249909Lubricating Systems, Aircraft
  • 37249910Nonelectric Starters, Aircraft
  • 37249911Pumps, Aircraft Engine
  • 37249912Research And Development On Aircraft Engines And Parts
  • 37249913Rocket Motors, Aircraft
  • 37249914Starting Vibrators, Aircraft Engine
  • 37249915Turbines, Aircraft Type
  • 37249916Turbo-superchargers, Aircraft