SIC Code 3647 Vehicular Lighting Equipment




Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing vehicular lighting equipment.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing sealed-beam lamps are classified in Industry 3641.

Illustrative Examples

  • Aircraft lighting fixtures
  • Automotive lighting fixturesBicycle lampsBoat and ship lighting fixturesClearance lamps and reflectors, motor vehicleDome lights, motor vehicleFlasher lights, automobileFog lights, motor vehicleHeadlights (fixtures), vehicularLamps, marker and clearance: motor vehicleLighting fixtures, vehicularLocomotive and railroad car lightsMarker lamps, motor vehicleMotorcycle lampsParking lights, automotiveReflectors, clearance: vehicularSpotlights, motor vehicleTail lights, motor vehicle

Market Analysis - Sample Companies

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 364798Vehicular Lighting Equipment (mfrs)

7-digit SIC

  • 3647001Vehicular Lighting Equipment
  • 3647002Motor Vehicle Lighting Equipment
  • 3647003Automotive Lighting Fixtures Nec
  • 3647004Clearance Lamps & Reflectors, Motor Vehicle
  • 3647005Dome Lights, Automotive
  • 3647006Flasher Lights, Automotive
  • 3647007Headlights-vehicles
  • 3647008Marker Lamps, Motor Vehicle
  • 3647009Parking Lights, Automotive
  • 3647010Taillights, Motor Vehicle
  • 3647011Aircraft Lighting Fixtures
  • 3647012Bicycle Lamps
  • 3647013Boat & Ship Lighting Fixtures
  • 3647014Fog Lights
  • 3647015Locomotive & Railroad Car Lights
  • 3647016Motorcycle Lamps
  • 3647017Streetcar Lighting Fixtures
  • 3647018Subway Car Lighting Fixtures

8-digit SIC

  • 36470000Vehicular Lighting Equipment
  • 36470100Motor Vehicle Lighting Equipment
  • 36470101Automotive Lighting Fixtures, Nec
  • 36470102Clearance Lamps And Reflectors, Motor Vehicle
  • 36470103Dome Lights, Automotive
  • 36470104Flasher Lights, Automotive
  • 36470105Headlights (fixtures), Vehicular
  • 36470106Marker Lamps, Motor Vehicle
  • 36470107Parking Lights, Automotive
  • 36470109Taillights, Motor Vehicle
  • 36479901Aircraft Lighting Fixtures
  • 36479902Bicycle Lamps
  • 36479903Boat And Ship Lighting Fixtures
  • 36479904Fog Lights
  • 36479905Locomotive And Railroad Car Lights
  • 36479906Motorcycle Lamps
  • 36479907Streetcar Lighting Fixtures
  • 36479908Subway Car Lighting Fixtures