SIC Code 3554 Paper Industries Machinery




Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing machinery for the pulp, paper, and paper product industries.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing printing trades machinery are classified in Industry 3555.

Illustrative Examples

  • Bag and envelope making machinery (paper machinery)
  • Box making machines for paper boxesCoating and finishing machinery, paperCorrugating machines for paperCutting and folding machines, paperDie-cutting and stamping machinery (paper converting machinery)Folding machines, paper: except office machinesFourdrinier machines (paper manufacturing machinery)Paper mill machinery: e.g., plating, slitting, waxingPaper product machines, except printing machinesPulp mill machinerySandpaper manufacturing machines

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Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 355401Paper Mill Machinery-manufacturers
  • 355402Folding Machines (manufacturers)
  • 355403Paper Mill Supplies-manufacturers

7-digit SIC

  • 3554001Paper Industry Machinery
  • 3554002Paper Forming Machines
  • 3554003Bag & Envelope Making Machinery, Paper
  • 3554004Box Making Machines, Paper
  • 3554005Folding Machines Mfg
  • 3554006Coating & Finishing Machinery, Paper
  • 3554007Corrugating Machines, Paper
  • 3554008Cutting Machines, Paper
  • 3554009Die Cutting & Stamping Machinery, Paper Converting
  • 3554010Fourdrinier Machines, Paper Manufacturing
  • 3554011Paper Mill Machinery Mfg
  • 3554012Pulp Mill Machinery
  • 3554013Sandpaper Manufacturing Machines
  • 3554014Paper Mill Supplies Mfg

8-digit SIC

  • 35540000Paper Industries Machinery
  • 35540100Paper Forming Machines
  • 35540101Bag And Envelope Making Machinery, Paper
  • 35540102Box Making Machines, Paper
  • 35540103Folding Machines, Paper
  • 35549901Coating And Finishing Machinery, Paper
  • 35549902Corrugating Machines, Paper
  • 35549903Cutting Machines, Paper
  • 35549904Die Cutting And Stamping Machinery, Paper Converting
  • 35549905Fourdrinier Machines, Paper Manufacturing
  • 35549906Paper Mill Machinery: Plating, Slitting, Waxing, Etc.
  • 35549907Pulp Mill Machinery
  • 35549908Sandpaper Manufacturing Machines
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