SIC Code 3471 Electroplating, Plating, Polishing, Anodizing, and Coloring




Establishments primarily engaged in all types of electroplating, plating, anodizing, coloring, and finishing of metals and formed products for the trade. Also included in this industry are establishments which perform these types of activities, on their own account, on purchased metals or formed products.

Cross References

Establishments that both manufacture and finish products are classified according to the products.

Illustrative Examples

  • Anodizing of metals and formed products, for the trade
  • Buffing, for the trade
  • Chromium plating of metals and formed products, for the trade
  • Cleaning and descaling metal products, for the trade
  • Coloring and finishing of aluminum and formed products, for the
  • Decontaminating and cleaning of missile and satellite parts, for
  • Decorative plating and finishing of formed products, for the trade
  • Depolishing metal, for the trade
  • Electrolizing steel, for the trade
  • Electroplating of metals and formed products, for the trade
  • Finishing metal products and formed products, for the trade
  • Gold plating, for the trade
  • Plating of metals and formed products for the trade
  • Polishing of metals and formed products, for the trade
  • Rechroming auto bumpers, for the trade
  • Sandblasting of metal parts, for the trade
  • Tumbling (cleaning and polishing) of machine parts, for the trade

Industry Leaders

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 347101Anodizing (manufacturers)
  • 347102Metal Finishers (manufacturers)
  • 347103Buffing & Polishing (manufacturers)
  • 347104Metal Polishing (manufacturers)
  • 347105Plating (manufacturers)
  • 347106Chrome (manufacturers)
  • 347107Impregnating (mfrs)
  • 347108Plating Consultants (mfrs)
  • 347109Metal Finishers-blasting (mfrs)
  • 347110Tumbling Equip & Supplies (mfrs)
  • 347111Plating-gold & Silver (manufacturers)
  • 347112Electroforming (manufacturers)
  • 347114Hot Stamping Equipment & Suppliess (mfrs)
  • 347115Impregnating Apparatus (manufacturers)
  • 347116Impregnating Castings (manufacturers)
  • 347117Plastics-coating (manufacturers)
  • 347118Vacuum Plating (manufacturers)
  • 347119Plating & Polishing Service (mfrs)
  • 347120Tumbling Service (mfrs)
  • 347198Electroplating/polishing/anodizing (mfr)

7-digit SIC

  • 3471001Plating & Polishing Services Mfg
  • 3471002Plating Mfg
  • 3471003Metal Finishers Mfg
  • 3471004Metal Polishing Mfg
  • 3471005Electroplating Metal Or Formed Products
  • 3471006Chromium Plating Metal Or Formed Products
  • 3471007Cleaning, Polishing & Finishing
  • 3471008Anodizing Mfg
  • 3471009Sand Blasting Of Metal Parts
  • 3471010Electroplating & Plating
  • 3471011Cleaning Metal Products
  • 3471012Gold Plating
  • 3471013Buffing Metal Products
  • 3471014Decorative Plating & Finishing Of Formed Products
  • 3471015Electrolizing Steel
  • 3471016Buffing & Polishing Mfg
  • 3471017Rechroming Auto Bumpers
  • 3471018Chrome Mfg
  • 3471019Impregnating Mfg
  • 3471020Coloring & Finishing Of Aluminum Or Formed Products
  • 3471021Plating Consultants Mfg
  • 3471022Decontaminating & Cleaning Of Missile Or Satellite Parts
  • 3471023Metal Finishers-blasting Mfg
  • 3471024Depolishing Metal
  • 3471025Tumbling Equipment & Supplies Mfg
  • 3471026Tumbling Services Mfg
  • 3471027Plating-gold & Silver Mfg
  • 3471028Electroforming Mfg
  • 3471029Hot Stamping Equipment & Supplies Mfg
  • 3471030Impregnating Apparatus Mfg
  • 3471031Impregnating Castings Mfg
  • 3471032Plastics-coating Mfg
  • 3471033Vacuum Plating Mfg
  • 3471034Electroplating/polishing/anodizing Mfg

8-digit SIC

  • 34710000Plating And Polishing
  • 34710100Electroplating And Plating
  • 34710101Anodizing (plating) Of Metals Or Formed Products
  • 34710102Chromium Plating Of Metals Or Formed Products
  • 34710103Decorative Plating And Finishing Of Formed Products
  • 34710104Electrolizing Steel
  • 34710105Electroplating Of Metals Or Formed Products
  • 34710106Gold Plating
  • 34710107Plating Of Metals Or Formed Products
  • 34710108Rechroming Auto Bumpers
  • 34710200Cleaning, Polishing, And Finishing
  • 34710201Buffing For The Trade
  • 34710202Cleaning And Descaling Metal Products
  • 34710203Coloring And Finishing Of Aluminum Or Formed Products
  • 34710204Decontaminating And Cleaning Of Missile Or Satellite Parts
  • 34710205Depolishing Metal
  • 34710206Finishing, Metals Or Formed Products
  • 34710207Polishing, Metals Or Formed Products
  • 34710208Sand Blasting Of Metal Parts
  • 34710209Tumbling (cleaning And Polishing) Of Machine Parts
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Total Companies:3319

Est. Employment:71264