SIC Code 3399 Primary Metal Products, Not Elsewhere Classified




Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing primary metal products, not elsewhere classified, such as nonferrous nails, brads, and spikes, and metal powder, flakes, and paste.

Illustrative Examples

  • Aluminum atomized powder
  • Balls, steel
  • Brads, nonferrous metal (including wire)
  • Flakes, metal
  • Iron powdered
  • Laminating steel for the trade
  • Nails, nonferrous metal (including wire)
  • Paste, metal
  • Powder, metal: except artists' materials
  • Reclaiming ferrous metals from clay
  • Recovery of iron ore from open hearth slag
  • Silver powder, except artists' materials
  • Spikes, nonferrous metal (including wire)
  • Staples, nonferrous metal (including wire)
  • Tacks, nonferrous metal (including wire)

USA List Sample

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 339901Balls-steel Bronze Etc (manufacturers)
  • 339902Laminations-motor & Transformer (mfrs)
  • 339903Powder Metal Parts-industrial (mfrs)
  • 339904Primary Metal Products Nec (mfrs)

7-digit SIC

  • 3399001Primary Metal Products Nec Mfg
  • 3399002Metal Powder
  • 3399003Metal Powders, Pastes & Flakes
  • 3399004Metal Fasteners Mfg
  • 3399005Balls-steel Bronze Etc Mfg
  • 3399006Aluminum Atomized Powder
  • 3399007Laminations-motor & Transformer Mfg
  • 3399008Flakes, Metal
  • 3399009Iron, Powdered
  • 3399010Powder Metal Parts-industrial Mfg
  • 3399011Paste, Metal
  • 3399012Silver Powder
  • 3399013Brads-aluminum, Brass Or Other Nonferrous Metal Or Wire
  • 3399014Nails-aluminum, Brass Or Other Nonferrous Metal Or Wire
  • 3399015Spikes, Nonferrous Metal Or Wire
  • 3399016Staples, Nonferrous Metal Or Wire
  • 3399017Tacks, Nonferrous Metal Or Wire
  • 3399018Iron Ore Recovery From Open Hearth Slag
  • 3399019Laminating Steel
  • 3399020Reclaiming Ferrous Metals From Clay
  • 3399021Steel Balls
  • 3399022Thermite
  • 3399023Cryogenic Treatment Of Metal

8-digit SIC

  • 33990000Primary Metal Products
  • 33990100Metal Powders, Pastes, And Flakes
  • 33990101Aluminum Atomized Powder
  • 33990102Flakes, Metal
  • 33990103Iron, Powdered
  • 33990104Paste, Metal
  • 33990105Powder, Metal
  • 33990106Silver Powder
  • 33990200Metal Fasteners
  • 33990201Brads: Aluminum, Brass, Or Other Nonferrous Metal Or Wire
  • 33990202Nails: Aluminum, Brass, Or Other Nonferrous Metal Or Wire
  • 33990203Spikes, Nonferrous Metal Or Wire
  • 33990204Staples, Nonferrous Metal Or Wire
  • 33990205Tacks, Nonferrous Metal Or Wire
  • 33999901Iron Ore Recovery From Open Hearth Slag
  • 33999902Laminating Steel
  • 33999903Reclaiming Ferrous Metals From Clay
  • 33999904Steel Balls
  • 33999905Thermite
  • 33999906Cryogenic Treatment Of Metal