SIC Code 3315 Steel Wiredrawing and Steel Nails and Spikes




Establishments primarily engaged in drawing wire from purchased iron or steel rods, bars, or wire and which may be engaged in the further manufacture of products made from wire; establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing steel nails and spikes from purchased materials are also included in this industry.

Cross References

Rolling mills engaged in the production of ferrous wire from wire rods or hot-rolled bars produced in the same establishment are classified inIndustry 3312. Establishments primarily engaged in drawing nonferrous wire are classified in Industry Group 335.

Illustrative Examples

  • Barbed and twisted wire: made in wiredrawing plants
  • Baskets, steel: made in wiredrawing plants
  • Brads, steel: wire or cut
  • Cable, steel: insulated or armored
  • Chain link fencing, steel: made in wiredrawing plants
  • Fence gates, posts, and fittings: steel-made in wiredrawing plants
  • Form ties, made in wiredrawing plants
  • Horseshoe nails
  • Nails, steel: wire or cut
  • Paper clips, steel: made in wiredrawing plants
  • Spikes, steel: wire or cut
  • Staples, steel: wire or cut
  • Steel wire cages, made in wiredrawing plants
  • Tacks, steel: wire or cut
  • Tie wires, made in wiredrawing plants
  • Welded steel wire fabric, made in wiredrawing plants
  • Wire carts: household, grocery, and industrial-made in wire-drawing
  • Wire cloth, steel: made in wiredrawing plants
  • Wire garment hangers, steel: made in wiredrawing plants
  • Wire products, ferrous: made in wiredrawing plants
  • Wire, ferrous: made in wiredrawing plants
  • Wire, steel: insulated or armored

Industry Sample for USA

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 331501Wire-manufacturers
  • 331502Fence Posts & Fittings-manufacturers
  • 331503Wire Forms & Specialties (mfrs)
  • 331504Bag Ties (manufacturers)
  • 331505Cables Steel (mfrs)
  • 331507Nails & Tacks-manufacturers
  • 331598Steel-wiredrawing/stl Nails/spikes (mfr)

7-digit SIC

  • 3315001Wire Mfg
  • 3315002Wire & Fabricated Wire Products
  • 3315003Fence Posts & Fittings Mfg
  • 3315004Fencing
  • 3315005Wire Forms & Specialties Mfg
  • 3315006Chain Link Fencing
  • 3315007Bag Ties Mfg
  • 3315008Nails & Tacks Mfg
  • 3315009Brads-steel-wire Or Cut
  • 3315010Nails-steel-wire Or Cut
  • 3315011Paper Clips, Steel
  • 3315012Spikes-steel-wire Or Cut
  • 3315013Staples-steel-wire Or Cut
  • 3315014Tacks-steel-wire Or Cut
  • 3315015Barbed & Twisted Wire
  • 3315016Baskets, Steel Wire
  • 3315017Cables Steel Mfg
  • 3315018Hangers-wire
  • 3315019Welded Steel Wire Fabric
  • 3315020Wire Carts-grocery, Household & Industrial
  • 3315021Wire Products-ferrous/iron
  • 3315022Wire, Ferrous/iron
  • 3315023Wire-steel-insulated Or Armored

8-digit SIC

  • 33150000Steel Wire And Related Products
  • 33150100Fencing Made In Wiredrawing Plants
  • 33150101Chain Link Fencing
  • 33150102Fence Gates, Posts, And Fittings: Steel
  • 33150200Nails, Spikes, Brads, And Similar Items
  • 33150201Brads, Steel: Wire Or Cut
  • 33150202Nails, Steel: Wire Or Cut
  • 33150203Paper Clips, Steel
  • 33150204Spikes, Steel: Wire Or Cut
  • 33150205Staples, Steel: Wire Or Cut
  • 33150206Tacks, Steel: Wire Or Cut
  • 33150300Wire And Fabricated Wire Products
  • 33150301Barbed And Twisted Wire
  • 33150302Baskets, Steel Wire
  • 33150303Cable, Steel: Insulated Or Armored
  • 33150304Hangers (garment), Wire
  • 33150305Welded Steel Wire Fabric
  • 33150306Wire Carts: Grocery, Household, And Industrial
  • 33150307Wire Products, Ferrous/iron: Made In Wiredrawing Plants
  • 33150308Wire, Ferrous/iron
  • 33150309Wire, Steel: Insulated Or Armored
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Total Companies:422

Est. Employment:2679