SIC Code 3261 Vitreous China Plumbing Fixtures and China and Earthenware Fittings and Bathroom Accessories




Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing vitreous china plumbing fixtures and china and earthenware fittings and bathroom accessories.

Illustrative Examples

  • Bathroom accessories, vitreous china and earthenware
  • Bidets, vitreous china
  • Bolt caps, vitreous china and earthenware
  • Closet bowls, vitreous china
  • Drinking fountains, vitreous china
  • Faucet handles, vitreous china and earthenware
  • Flush tanks, vitreous china
  • Laundry trays, vitreous china
  • Lavatories, vitreous china
  • Plumbing fixtures, vitreous china
  • Sinks, vitreous china
  • Soap dishes, vitreous china and earthenware
  • Toilet fixtures, vitreous china
  • Towel bar holders, vitreous china and earthenware
  • Urinals, vitreous china

Industry Leaders

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 326101Bathroom Accessories-manufacturers
  • 326102Bath Equipment & Supplies-manufacturers
  • 326105Tile-marble-manufacturers

7-digit SIC

  • 3261001Vitreous Plumbing Fixtures
  • 3261002Bathroom Accessories Mfg
  • 3261003Bolt Caps, Vitreous China Or Earthenware
  • 3261004Faucet Handles, Vitreous China & Earthenware
  • 3261005Soap Dishes, Vitreous China
  • 3261006Towel Bar Holders, Vitreous China
  • 3261007Plumbing Fixtures, Vitreous China
  • 3261008Bidets, Vitreous China
  • 3261009Closet Bowls, Vitreous China
  • 3261010Drinking Fountains, Vitreous China
  • 3261011Lavatories, Vitreous China
  • 3261012Sinks, Vitreous China
  • 3261013Toilet Fixtures, Vitreous China
  • 3261014Urinals, Vitreous China
  • 3261015Bath Equipment & Supplies Mfg
  • 3261016Tile-marble Mfg

8-digit SIC

  • 32610000Vitreous Plumbing Fixtures
  • 32610100Bathroom Accessories/fittings, Vitreous China Or Earthenware
  • 32610101Bolt Caps, Vitreous China Or Earthenware
  • 32610102Faucet Handles, Vitreous China And Earthenware
  • 32610104Soap Dishes, Vitreous China
  • 32610105Towel Bar Holders, Vitreous China
  • 32610200Plumbing Fixtures, Vitreous China
  • 32610201Bidets, Vitreous China
  • 32610202Closet Bowls, Vitreous China
  • 32610203Drinking Fountains, Vitreous China
  • 32610205Lavatories, Vitreous China
  • 32610206Sinks, Vitreous China
  • 32610207Toilet Fixtures, Vitreous China
  • 32610208Urinals, Vitreous China
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Industry Overview

Total Companies:92

Est. Employment:2311