SIC Code 2329 Men's and Boys' Clothing, Not Elsewhere Classified




Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing men's and boys' clothing, not elsewhere classified, from purchased woven or knit fabrics.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing leather and sheep-lined garments are classified inIndustry 2386. Knitting mills primarily engaged in manufacturing outerwear are classified in Industry 2253.  

Illustrative Examples

  • Athletic clothing men's and boys'-mfpm
  • Bathing suits: men's and boys'-mfpm
  • Coats, except tailored or work: men's and boys'-mfpm
  • Coats, oiled fabric and blanket-lined: men's and boys'-mfpm
  • Down-filled clothing: men's and boys'-mfpm
  • Feather-filled clothing: men's and boys'-mfpm
  • Field jackets, military-mfpm
  • Gymnasium clothing men's and boys'-mfpm
  • Hunting coats and vests men's-mfpm
  • Jackets, non-tailored except work men's and boys'-mfpm
  • Jackets, sport, non-tailored men's and boys'-mfpm
  • Knickers, dress (separate): men's and boys'-mfpm
  • Lumber jackets men's and boys'-mfpm
  • Mackinaws: men's and boys'-mfpm
  • Melton jackets men's and boys'-mfpm
  • Pants, athletic and gymnasium men's and boys'-mfpm
  • Pants, men's and boys': sweats athletic, gymnasium, ski
  • Riding clothes men's and boys'-mfpm
  • Shirt and slack suits, non-tailored men's and boys'-mfpm
  • Shorts, outerwear men's and boys'-mfpm
  • Ski suits: men's and boys'-mfpm
  • Sports clothing, non-tailored men's and boys'-mfpm
  • Suits, men's and boys': warm-up, jogging, snow, and ski-mfpm
  • Sweater jackets men's and boys'-mfpm
  • Sweater vests: men's and boys'-mfpm
  • Sweaters men's and boys'-mfpm
  • Swimsuits men's and boys'-mfpm
  • Swimwear, men's and boys'-mfpm
  • Uniforms, athletic and gymnasium: men's and boys'-mfpm
  • Vests, non-tailored including sweater-men's and boys'-mfpm
  • Windbreakers men's and boys'-mfpm
  • Key:mfpm - made from purchased materials

USA List Sample

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 232901Men's Clothing-manufacturers
  • 232902Sportswear-mens-manufacturers
  • 232904Men's Furnishings-manufacturers
  • 232905Western Apparel-manufacturers
  • 232906Riding Apparel & Equipment-manufacturers
  • 232907Boys Clothing & Furnishings Mfg
  • 232908Clothes & Accessories-mens-manufacturers
  • 232998Mens & Boys Clothing Nec (mfrs)

7-digit SIC

  • 2329001Men's Clothing Mfg
  • 2329002Sportswear-men's Mfg
  • 2329003Men's, Youths & Boys Athletic Clothing (except Uniforms)
  • 2329004Men's, Youths & Boys Riding Clothes
  • 2329005Men's & Boys Athletic Uniforms
  • 2329006Men's & Boys Outwear Mfg
  • 2329007Men's & Boys Bathing Suits & Swimwear
  • 2329008Men's & Boys Ski & Snow Clothing
  • 2329009Men's Furnishings Mfg
  • 2329010Men's & Boys Coats
  • 2329011Western Apparel Mfg
  • 2329012Men's & Boys Down-filled Clothing
  • 2329013Riding Apparel & Equipment Mfg
  • 2329014Military Field Jackets
  • 2329015Boys Clothing & Furnishings Mfg
  • 2329016Men's Hunting Coats & Vests
  • 2329017Clothes & Accessories-men's Mfg
  • 2329018Men's & Boys Sport Jackets
  • 2329019Men's, Youths & Boys Lumber Jackets
  • 2329020Men's & Boys Sweaters & Sweater Jackets
  • 2329021Men's & Boys Sport Vests
  • 2329022Men's, Youths & Boys Baseball Uniforms
  • 2329023Men's, Youths & Boys Basketball Uniforms
  • 2329024Men's, Youths & Boys Football Uniforms
  • 2329025Men's, Youths & Boys Hockey Uniforms
  • 2329026Men's & Boys Dress Knickers
  • 2329027Men's, Youths & Boys Shirt & Slack Suits
  • 2329028Men's, Youths & Boys Windbreakers

8-digit SIC

  • 23290000Men's And Boy's Clothing, Nec
  • 23290100Men's And Boys' Sportswear And Athletic Clothing
  • 23290101Athletic Clothing, Except Uniforms: Men's, Youths' And Boys'
  • 23290102Bathing Suits And Swimwear: Men's And Boys'
  • 23290103Riding Clothes: Men's, Youths', And Boys'
  • 23290104Ski And Snow Clothing: Men's And Boys'
  • 23290200Men's And Boys' Leather, Wool And Down-filled Outerwear
  • 23290201Coats (oiled Fabric, Leatherette, Etc.): Men's And Boys'
  • 23290202Down-filled Clothing: Men's And Boys'
  • 23290203Field Jackets, Military
  • 23290204Hunting Coats And Vests, Men's
  • 23290205Jackets (suede, Leatherette, Etc.), Sport: Men's And Boys'
  • 23290206Lumber Jackets: Men's, Youths', And Boys'
  • 23290209Sweaters And Sweater Jackets, Men's And Boys'
  • 23290210Vests (suede, Leatherette, Etc.), Sport: Men's And Boys'
  • 23290300Men's And Boys' Athletic Uniforms
  • 23290301Baseball Uniforms: Men's, Youths', And Boys'
  • 23290302Basketball Uniforms: Men's, Youths', And Boys'
  • 23290303Football Uniforms: Men's, Youths', And Boys'
  • 23290304Hockey Uniforms: Men's, Youths', And Boys'
  • 23299901Knickers, Dress (separate): Men's And Boys'
  • 23299902Shirt And Slack Suits: Men's, Youths', And Boys'
  • 23299903Windbreakers: Men's, Youths', And Boys'