SIC Code 2269 Finishers of Textiles, Not Elsewhere Classified




Establishments primarily engaged in dyeing and finishing textiles, not elsewhere classified, such as bleaching, dyeing, printing, and finishing of raw stock, yarn, braided goods, and narrow fabrics, except wool and knit fabrics. These establishments perform finishing operations on purchased textiles or on a commission basis.

Illustrative Examples

  • Bleaching raw stock, yarn, and narrow fabrics: except knit and wool
  • Braided goods, except wool: bleaching, dyeing, printing, and other
  • Cloth mending, except wool: for the trade
  • Dyeing raw stock, yarn, and narrow fabrics: except knit and wool
  • Embossing linen broadwoven fabrics
  • Finishing of raw stock, yarn, and narrow fabrics: except knit and wool
  • Gassing yarn
  • Labels, cotton: printed
  • Linen fabrics: dyeing, finishing, and printing
  • Mercerizing yarn, braided goods, and narrow fabrics: except knit and wool
  • Mill enders, contract: cotton, silk, and manmade fiber
  • Printing narrow fabrics, except knit and wool

USA List Sample

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 226901Textile Converting-manufacturers
  • 226902Dyers-industrial (manufacturers)
  • 226903Cotton Mills (mfrs)
  • 226904Linens-manufacturers
  • 226905Smocking (mfrs)
  • 226998Finishers Of Textiles Nec (mfrs)

7-digit SIC

  • 2269001Finishers Of Textiles Nec Mfg
  • 2269002Narrow Fabrics Printing
  • 2269003Narrow Fabrics Flock Printing
  • 2269004Printed Cotton Labels
  • 2269005Narrow Fabrics Chemical Coating Or Treating
  • 2269006Raw Stock, Yarn & Narrow Fabrics Bleaching
  • 2269007Dyers-industrial Mfg
  • 2269008Narrow Fabrics Decorative Finishing
  • 2269009Braided Goods Bleaching Or Dyeing
  • 2269010Linen Broadwoven Fabrics Embossing
  • 2269011Cotton Mills Mfg
  • 2269012Raw Stock, Yarn & Narrow Fabrics Finishing
  • 2269013Linens Mfg
  • 2269014Textile Converting Mfg
  • 2269015Smocking Mfg

8-digit SIC

  • 22690000Finishing Plants, Nec
  • 22690100Printing Of Narrow Fabrics
  • 22690101Flock Printing Of Narrow Fabrics
  • 22690102Labels, Cotton: Printed
  • 22690200Chemical Coating Or Treating Of Narrow Fabrics
  • 22690201Bleaching: Raw Stock, Yarn, And Narrow Fabrics
  • 22690202Dyeing: Raw Stock, Yarn, And Narrow Fabrics
  • 22690300Decorative Finishing Of Narrow Fabrics
  • 22690301Braided Goods: Bleaching, Dyeing, Or Other Finishings
  • 22690302Embossing: Linen Broadwoven Fabrics
  • 22699901Cloth Mending, For The Trade
  • 22699902Finishing: Raw Stock, Yarn, And Narrow Fabrics
  • 22699904Linen Fabrics: Dyeing, Finishing, And Printing
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Est. Employment:4231