SIC Code 2075 Soybean Oil Mills




Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing soybean oil, cake, and meal, and soybean protein isolates and concentrates, or in processing purchased soybean oil other than into edible cooking oils.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in refining soybean oil into edible cooking oils are classified inIndustry 2079

Illustrative Examples

  • Lecithin, soybean
  • Soybean flour and grits
  • Soybean oil, cake, and meal
  • Soybean oil, deodorized
  • Soybean protein concentrates
  • Soybean protein isolates

Industry Sample for USA

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 207501Lecithin (manufacturers)
  • 207598Soybean Oil Mills (mfrs)

7-digit SIC

  • 2075001Soybean Oil Mills Mfg
  • 2075002Lecithin Mfg
  • 2075003Soybean Cake Or Meal Oil
  • 2075004Deodorized Soybean Oil
  • 2075005Soybean Powder
  • 2075006Soybean Protein Concentrates & Isolates

8-digit SIC

  • 20750000Soybean Oil Mills
  • 20759901Lecithin, Soybean
  • 20759903Soybean Oil, Cake Or Meal
  • 20759904Soybean Oil, Deodorized
  • 20759905Soybean Powder
  • 20759906Soybean Protein Concentrates And Isolates