SIC Code 1794 Excavation Work




Special trade contractors primarily engaged in excavation work and digging foundations, including digging and loading. Contractors in this industry may also perform incidental concrete work.

Cross References

Contractors primarily engaged in concrete work are classified inIndustry 1771; and those primarily engaged in trenching or in earth moving and land clearing not related to building construction are classified in Major Group 16

Illustrative Examples

  • ​Excavation work-contractors
  • Foundation digging (excavation)-contractors
  • Grading: except for highways, streets, and airport runways-contractors

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Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 179401Landfill Demolition
  • 179402Foundation-drilling Contractors
  • 179403Excavating Contractors
  • 179404Bulldozing
  • 179405Foundation-contractors
  • 179406Contractors-site Development
  • 179407Land Clearing & Leveling
  • 179408Dirt Contractors
  • 179409Slabjacking Contractors
  • 179410Site Development Contractors
  • 179411Dozer Service
  • 179412Earth Energy

7-digit SIC

  • 1794001Excavating Contractors
  • 1794002Foundation-drilling Contractors
  • 1794003Landfill Demolition
  • 1794004Bulldozing
  • 1794005Foundation-contractors
  • 1794006Contractors-site Development
  • 1794007Land Clearing & Leveling
  • 1794008Dirt Contractors
  • 1794009Slabjacking Contractors
  • 1794010Site Development Contractors
  • 1794011Dozer Services
  • 1794012Earth Energy

8-digit SIC

  • 17940000Excavation Work
  • 17949901Excavation And Grading, Building Construction