SIC Code 1011 Iron Ores




Establishments primarily engaged in mining, beneficiating, or otherwise preparing iron ores and manganiferous ores valued chiefly for their iron content. This industry includes production of sinter and other agglomerates except those associated with blast furnace operations.

Cross References

Blast furnaces primarily engaged in producing pig iron from iron ore are classified in Manufacturing,Industry 3312

Illustrative Examples

  • Brown ore mining
  • Hematite mining
  • Iron agglomerate and pellet production
  • Iron ore dressing (beneficiation) plants
  • Iron ore mining
  • Iron ore, blocked: mining
  • Limonite mining
  • Magnetite mining
  • Manganiferous ore mining, valued chiefly for iron content
  • Siderite mining
  • Sintering of iron ore at the mine
  • Taconite mining

Further Classification

7-digit SIC

  • 1011001Iron Ores

7-digit SIC

  • 1011002Iron Ore Mining
  • 1011003Open Pit Iron Ore Mining Nec
  • 1011004Open Pit Taconite Mining
  • 1011005Underground Iron Ore Mining
  • 1011006Iron Ore Preparation
  • 1011007Iron Ore Beneficiating
  • 1011008Iron Ore Pelletizing
  • 1011009Iron Ore Sintering

8-digit SIC

  • 10110000Iron Ores
  • 10110100Iron Ore Mining
  • 10110101Open Pit Iron Ore Mining, Nec
  • 10110102Open Pit Taconite Mining
  • 10110103Underground Iron Ore Mining
  • 10110200Iron Ore Preparation
  • 10110201Iron Ore Beneficiating
  • 10110202Iron Ore Pelletizing
  • 10110203Iron Ore Sintering At The Mine