SIC Code 0182 Food Crops Grown Under Cover


Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing


Establishments primarily engaged in the production of mushrooms or of fruits and vegetables grown under cover.

Illustrative Examples

  • Bean sprouts grown under cover
  • Fruits grown under cover
  • Greenhouses for food crops
  • Hydroponic crops, grown under cover
  • Mushroom spawn, production of
  • Mushrooms, growing of
  • Rhubarb grown under cover
  • Seaweed grown under cover
  • Tomatoes grown under cover
  • Truffles grown under cover
  • Vegetables grown under cover

Further Classification

6-digit SIC

  • 018201Mushrooms
  • 018202Hydroponics
  • 018298Food Crops Grown Under Cover

7-digit SIC

  • 0182001Food Crops Grown Under Cover
  • 0182002Mushrooms
  • 0182003Tomato Greenhouses
  • 0182004Hydroponics
  • 0182005Vegetable Crop Greenhouses
  • 0182006Bean Sprout Greenhouses
  • 0182007Mushroom Spawn Production
  • 0182008Rhubarb Greenhouses
  • 0182009Truffle Greenhouses
  • 0182010Fruit Greenhouses
  • 0182011Seaweed Greenhouses

8-digit SIC

  • 01820000Food Crops Grown Under Cover
  • 01820100Vegetable Crops, Grown Under Cover
  • 01820101Bean Sprouts, Grown Under Cover
  • 01820102Mushroom Spawn, Production Of
  • 01820103Mushrooms, Grown Under Cover
  • 01820104Rhubarb, Grown Under Cover
  • 01820105Tomatoes, Grown Under Cover
  • 01820106Truffles, Grown Under Cover
  • 01829901Fruits, Grown Under Cover
  • 01829902Hydroponic Crops, Grown Under Cover
  • 01829903Seaweed, Grown Under Cover