Looking for Business Data, Contacts, and Leads?

SICCODE.com offers free Registration to The Worldwide Business Directory.  The directory houses user-generated company profiles with SIC/NAICS code registration, Company details, Contact information, and Product listings.  There is no fee to list a company or to browse the directory.  We do not sell this data.
However, SICCODE Data Services provides access to multiple databases of over 14 million businesses.  We build clients a custom targeted business list.  Often our clients use this service for mailing, calling, or emailing marketing purposes.  
Our Data Specialists use their expertise in SIC and NAICS codes to assist clients using the most precise ways to determine their targeted market(s). There is a cost-per-company record depending on the total record amount and the type of business list package ordered.
Files are then transferred via excel or CSV and clients often incorporate that data into their Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics databases.  Feel confident in your purchase - SICCODE only offers up-to-date, 100% phone-verified, continuously updated data.
With registration, you have full access to the Worldwide Business Directory.  Feel free to search throughout and find business leads.  If however, you would like to expand your search beyond the registered SICCODE member company profiles, then we can work with you to build a custom list for your targeting needs.
Regardless of your choice in finding business leads or targeting new markets, members of the SICCODE Team are always available to offer you professional assistance.