Benefits of SIC and NAICS codes

1. Two Incredible Classifications to Capture Any Lead

You’ll have full access to the most comprehensive and powerful SIC and NAICS tools in the industry. Cross-Reference between SIC and NAICS, Look Up and define all SIC and NAICS codes, and find companies by their SIC and NAICS code.

2. Our Search Results are More than Comprehensive, They are Fully Loaded

We have member companies from over 189 countries. Each and every company in the business directory is listed by it's SIC and NAICS code. You can target companies by industry, or look up your best clients and find similar companies using the same SIC and NAICS Codes. 

3. SIC and NAICS are Mandatory for:

  • New Company Registration
  • DUNS Number
  • State Registration
  • Federal Registration
  • Government Contracts
  • SAM - System for Award Management

4. Personalized Business Data Services

SICCODE Data Services provides access to multiple databases of over 15 million businesses. We will team up with you to build a custom targeted business list. Our Data Specialists will use their expertise in SIC and NAICS codes to provide you with the most precise and effective ways to reach your target market. SICCODE only provides up-to-date, 100% phone-verified, continuously updated data.

5. Our Guarantee to You

Regardless of your method in finding business leads or targeting new markets, members of the SICCODE Team are always available to offer you personal and professional assistance. Let's get to know each other - Contact us today!