How to use SIC codes to make money?

​​1. Targeting 
​2. Learn about your current customers 
3. Promote your own company's products and services 
4. Identify contracts by industry code 

1. Targeting - Marketing

There are over 15 million verified companies that have been classified by SIC codes. This data can be a gold mine for your Sales and Marketing Campaign. SIC codes identify companies by their primary line of business. For example, if my company wants to sell products to HVAC contractors in Florida, I can build a business list of companies in Florida using SIC code 1711 (which is the SIC code for HVAC contractors).

SIC codes allow you to accurately identify your target markets.

2. Learn about your current customers

You already have a large database of your current customers. But do you know what industries your best customers are in? Do you know what industries to pursue to grow your business? Do you know what companies you work well with?

With a SIC Code Append, you can have SIC codes matched to companies in your database. This information will paint a clear picture of your best customers and the best industries to focus on. 

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3. Don't let opportunities pass your company by

Your company has great products. The services that your company provides are topnotch. How can you promote your exceptional business to potential customers? What makes your dentist office better than the rival in your area? Why is your manufacturing facility better than the competing manufacturers?

Thousands of companies are using SICCODE to find companies and products every day. SICCODE gives your company the great opportunity to build a custom profile to market the strengths of your business. The addition of your company’s logo, description, and contact information helps paint a clear picture of your business. Adding products photos and descriptions really lets a potential customer see what your company can do.

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4. Identify government contracts by Industry code

The U.S. government is the largest single purchaser of goods and services in the world, awarding approximately $500 billion in contracts every year.

The first step in your attempt to do business with the US government is to find your NAICS code, Cage code, and your DUNS number. These codes are necessary for you to have in order to bid on government contracts. 

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