How Do I Target Customers?

Many visitors come to SICCODE each day to either find business contacts or to promote their own business.  We are often asked how they can target their marketing campaigns more effectively.  Although each company is in a unique situation, certain strategies can help:

Promote! Promote! Promote!

Let the world know about your new products or services.  A good idea needs to be heard.  A good product needs to be seen.  A good service needs to be witnessed.  There are many avenues to pursue to get the word out: Social Media, Business Directories, Advertising, Press Releases.

Which Leads Us to Targeting

The great thing about Businesses and Consumers is that they are all extensively categorized.  Whether you would like to target Plumbers in Ohio, All Businesses Listed Under SIC Code 1521 in the Continental U.S., or Single Mothers with income greater than $100,000 within 50 miles of Chicago – All are easily obtainable.

Focus. Focus. Focus.

A fact of business life is that we all face budgets and nobody enjoys wasting money (excluding governments).  Therefore, it is important to focus marketing campaigns and fine-tune your targeted audience.  Know your product/service well and then decide on the demographics, geography, size (revenue, employees, sq. footage,…).  

Can I Go it Alone?

It may seem ok to go this alone - Build your own list of potential clients and contact past customers.  This may work for some but it often leads to wasted time, energy, and money.

Help on the Way

Don’t be afraid to seek help. Business and Consumer targeting has so many possibilities that it may be best to work with someone who can understand your needs and help match you with your intended market.

Measure your Results

Keep accurate records of all mailings, analytics, feedback, and responses. Often your first attempt may not bring back the best results, but the data results could help you to better focus future campaigns.

If at First You Don’t Succeed….

Try again. Try something different.  What may have worked for your company years ago, may not work today. Maybe you had the right target, but the wrong message.  Perhaps your data is outdated. If you are determined, all of these obstacles can be overcome.  Hold your head high.

SICCODE is happy to assist with questions or comments – Contact Us or Build a Targeted List