Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

1. What is – The Worldwide Business Directory is a business destination strategically designed for and dedicated to enhancing our members’ exposure, revenue-generation, networking, and global opportunities. Using two of the world’s most sophisticated industrial classification systems (SIC & NAICS), member companies are organized, categorized, and searchable through this unique interrelationship. Visitors can browse the business directory, but membership is encouraged to access the full benefits has to offer.

2. What can I do here?
  • Register: Create your company profile on The Worldwide Business Directory

  • Industry Codes: Full access to the ultimate resource for both SIC and NAICS codes.

  • Exposure: Promote your business throughout our network of registered members in over 160 countries worldwide and the thousands accessing daily.

  • Products: List your company's products or search the directory

  • Opportunities: Identify new business prospects, network with industry experts, and be accessible according to specific SIC and NAICS codes.

  • Purchase Business Data: Continuously updated, phone-verified data.  You can expect only the highest quality information for your data needs. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Membership Offers:
    • FREE Registration

    • FREE Business Profile

    • FULL Access to the Worldwide Business Directory

    • Usage of all SIC & NAICS Tools and Resources

    • Ability to register a company by both SIC and NAICS

    • Product Listings and Promotion

    • Company Promotion

3. How Does the Business Directory work?

Companies are registered and organized according to their SIC and NAICS codes. The directory allows users to search by both SIC and NAICS, as well as keywords, product information, geographic locations, company names, and industry fields. By using our search tools, we provide company results that best match your search query. Each company listing pertains to a specific industry code. All Company Directory Profile information has been provided by our members.

4. What exactly is a membership?
As a Member:
  • List your Company in the Worldwide Business Directory

  • Create a Company Profile

  • Register according to Primary NAICS and Primary SIC

  • Interact with other members from 161 countries worldwide

  • Access to All SIC and NAICS Tools and Resources

  • Access to Full Contact information in Company Profiles

As a Visitor:
  • Browse the Worldwide Business Directory

  • Access to some SIC and NAICS Tools and Resource

5. What is a SIC Code? What is a NAICS Code?

Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) and North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) codes are both classification systems of all industries pertaining to products/services. For more info, please see the following pages:

6. How does use SIC & NAICS codes?

Companies are registered and organized according to both the SIC and NAICS code systems. The codes are cross-mapped. This unique system organizes companies into the specific industries established by the United States Government and NAFTA. This makes search queries more organized and provides users with the best company matches to their search queries. has also developed many helpful Tools and Resources using both SIC & NAICS to assist our users with common issues related to both classification systems.

7. What makes this the Most Exact and Definitive Business Directory in the World?

Each registered member of “The Worldwide Business Directory” is classified and identified according to both the SIC and NAICS industrial classification systems. SIC and more recently NAICS were developed to designate each industry with a specific code. All our registered companies are required to select at least one primary NAICS code and SIC code for their business. The SIC and NAICS systems are cross-mapped and search results are provided based on specific codes, industries, keywords, products, or location.

Tools and Resources

8. What SIC and NAICS Tools and Resources do we offer?

SIC/NAICS Conversion, SIC Lists, NAICS lists, SIC Lookup, NAICS LookupSIC Definitions, and NAICS Definitions are available with new functions added regularly. These tools and resources are provided to assist you with all your SIC/NAICS-related research, understanding, analysis, evaluation, etc. We are always open to suggestions and modifications. Look for new Tools and Resources coming in the near future.

Company Registration

9. Can you walk me through registering my company?


  • General Overview: Members are required to provide contact information and a valid email address. In order to create a company profile that is visible on The Worldwide Business Directory, members must select a Primary NAICS code*^. Don’t worry, the process is simple and we have tools to assist with the selection.
    *Primary SIC code will be selected automatically upon selection of Primary NAICS code
    ^Members will also have the ability to select up to 3 Secondary SIC/NAICS codes

10. Is registration free?

Yes, registration is free and encouraged. The process is simple and after a few steps, you will have your company’s profile visible throughout “The Worldwide Business Directory”.

11. What are the benefits of registration?
  • For You:
    • Access to the most exact business directory in the world

    • Full usage of all SIC & NAICS resources and tools

    • Enhance product and service searches using SIC/NAICS classification

  • For Your Business:
    • Full Exposure – Allow your company’s profile to be viewed by businesses around the world

    • SIC/NAICS Code classification – We provide a company registration and profile according to the most exact and official numerical industrial standards

    • We work with you to promote your company with top businesses from around the world

    • The opportunity to increase revenues through new business contacts and business opportunities

12. What is a Primary NAICS/SIC code?

Each and every company will have a primary NAICS and SIC code. This number indicates a company’s primary activity of business. What determines a company’s primary code is the code definition that generates the highest revenue for that company at a specific location in the past year.

13. What is a Secondary NAICS/SIC code?

Secondary NAICS/SIC codes are selected by a company as other revenue producing activities a company operates in, but is not the primary activity of business.

14. Why must I select a Primary NAICS/SIC code? categorizes all member companies according to their Primary NAICS / SIC codes. This is a mandatory requirement for all members who wish to have their company’s profile listed on “The Worldwide Business Directory”.

15. I am not located in the U.S., can I still register my company?

Yes, membership is open to businesses in any country in the world. Currently we have members from 189 countries worldwide. Businesses from outside the U.S. can improve their exposure in international markets and develop contacts worldwide. Businesses located in the U.S. are constantly looking for new markets and contacts on foreign soil. Therefore, we encourage companies from any country in the world, to Register with

16. Who can view my Business Profile?

Visitors and members are both free to use search tools and view search results. However, Contact Information is only visible to Registered Members of “The Worldwide Business Directory”


17. is not functioning properly, what should I do?

Firstly, we apologize for any inconvenience. We are constantly monitoring the network, but issues can and do arise.

Here are a few suggestions to try first:

  • Please give it another try. Perhaps there was a connection problem?

  • Restart your Browser/Mobile Application – clean the cache and reload the page –it is possible outdated but cached files may not match anymore with the server

  • Disable any uncommon plugins, browser settings, other programs and/or anti-virus that may be interfering. These can often interfere with functionality.

  • Try another Browser. Your browser may be either outdated or recently updated