Direct Mailing by SIC Code

In today’s digital age, it may surprise you to learn that traditional marketing techniques still remain one of the most effective ways of reaching customers. Direct mail consistently surpasses e-mail marketing campaigns in customer reception and response, nearly 30 times higher, in fact, according to the Direct Marketing Association. Applying a direct mailing strategy based on SIC code targeting will provide you with one of the best methods of effective product and service awareness and sales success.

The tangibility of direct mail — essentially delivered direct to the hands of a customer — and the physical nature makes it more likely the piece is read.​

Direct Mailing Stats

• 73% of Consumers actually prefer mail over other advertising methods

• 70% of Americans say mail is more personal than the internet

• More than 60% of respondents' campaigns were personalized or segmented

• 40% of consumers try new businesses after receiving direct mail

• 48% of people retain direct mail for future reference

• U.S. advertisers spend $167 per person on direct mail to earn $2,095 worth of goods sold, a 1,300% return

Targeting by SIC code

With the ability to target audiences through industry codes, such as SIC and NAICS code, it is easier than ever to ensure direct marketing pieces end up in the right hands.  SIC codes define businesses according to its primary line of business.  Therefore, if you know the industry you would like to target or the industry of your top customers, you can pursue business mailing list data based on their SIC codes. These highly accurate data lists will ensure your direct mail campaign will reach the decision-makers who can green-light dollars spent.

Direct mailing is cost-effective

The design and production of postcards, the most common form of direct mailings, is very affordable. With even a moderate quantity to produce, the per-piece price is generally around 75 cents to mail. This puts direct mailing and e-mail marketing in the ballpark of a 50 cents difference per piece. Combined with the greater response rate of direct mailing – 30 times greater – this difference is marginal and your Return on Investment is at its greatest potential.

Flexibility and accountability

The many options available for direct mailings, including postcards, brochures and catalogues, make it a flexible strategy for many businesses’ outreach. You can simply create brand awareness and drive traffic to your store through coupon distribution or highlight new products and services available, enticing equipment upgrades and service enhancements. Furthermore, the SIC code data lists can be segmented by geographic regions, company size, years in business and more. This allows your campaign to focus on certain indicators, measure results, and modify your strategy.

The success of the campaign can be measured easily with the number of coupons redeemed or customer inquiries made, geographic data collected by the return address and effectiveness of messages by pre-coding the mailings for post-sorting. To ensure you reach your targeted audience, continue to use the post office as your main delivery method of company updates, products and services.

SICCODE offers a comprehensive SIC & NAICS code targeting program using effective Direct Mailing Campaigns

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