NAICS Code 48412 General Freight Trucking, Long-Distance


Transportation and Warehousing


This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing long-distance general freight trucking. General freight establishments handle a wide variety of commodities, generally palletized and transported in a container or van trailer. Long-distance general freight trucking establishments usually provide trucking between metropolitan areas which may cross North American country borders. Included in this industry are establishments operating as truckload (TL) or less than truckload (LTL) carriers.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in
  • Providing courier services: classified in Industry 49211, Couriers and Express Delivery Services
  • Providing warehousing services of general freight: classified in Industry 49311, General Warehousing and Storage
  • Providing specialized freight trucking: classified in Industry Group 4842, Specialized Freight Trucking
  • Operating independent trucking terminals: classified in Industry 48849, Other Support Activities for Road Transportation
  • Providing local general freight trucking services: classified in Industry 48411, General Freight Trucking, Local.

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