NAICS Code 236116 New Multifamily Housing Construction (except For-Sale Builders)




This U.S. industry comprises general contractor establishments primarily responsible for the construction of new multifamily residential housing units (e.g., high-rise, garden, town house apartments, and condominiums where each unit is not separated from its neighbors by a ground-to-roof wall). Multifamily design-build firms and multifamily housing construction management firms acting as general contractors are included in this industry.

Cross References

Establishments primarily engaged in
  • Building multifamily buildings on their own account for sale as speculative builders or merchant builders: are classified in U.S. Industry 236117, New Housing For-Sale Builders
  • Remodeling or repairing existing multifamily housing and other residential buildings: classified in U.S. Industry 236118, Residential Remodelers
  • Performing specialized construction work on multifamily housing and other residential buildings, generally on a subcontract basis: classified in Subsector 238, Specialty Trade Contractors
  • Constructing and leasing residential buildings on their own account: classified in Industry 531110, Lessors of Residential Buildings and Dwellings.

Industries Included

  • Apartment building construction general contractors
  • Condominium, multifamily, construction general contractors
  • Construction management, multifamily building
  • Cooperative apartment, construction general contractors
  • Custom builders (except for-sale), multifamily buildings
  • Duplex (i.e., one unit above the other), construction general contractors
  • Garden apartment construction general contractors
  • High-rise apartment construction general contractors
  • Home builders (except for-sale), multifamily
  • Housing, multifamily, construction general contractors
  • Low income housing, multifamily, construction general contractors
  • Low-rise apartment construction general contractors
  • Multifamily building construction general contractors
  • Panelized multifamily housing assembled on site by general contractors
  • Precut multifamily housing assembled on site by general contractors
  • Residential construction, multifamily, general contractors

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