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​SICCODE.com – The Worldwide Business Directory was launched in 1998 with the purpose of organizing businesses from around the world in a directory clearly defined by the United States Government Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code system. SICCODE.com has been an industry leader in linking businesses through the use of the SIC system. Our members create business profiles in our comprehensive directory, list products, discover opportunities, and enjoy full access to all the tools and resources of SICCODE.com. In 2013, the North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) was integrated in our business directory. 

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What can SICCODE.com do for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS?

For You:
  • Provide full access to SICCODE.com and the Worldwide Business Directory

  • Full usage of all SIC & NAICS resources and tools

  • Enhance product and service searches using SIC/NAICS classification

For Your Business:
  • Full Exposure – Allow your company’s profile to be viewed by businesses around the world

  • SIC/NAICS Code classification – We provide a company registration and profile according to the most exact and official numerical industrial standards

  • We work with you to promote your company with top businesses from around the world

  • The opportunity to increase revenues through new business contacts and business opportunities

  • List your products with images, description, pricing, and order info

SICCODE.com Offers:

  • FREE Registration

  • FREE Business Profile

  • Product Promotion - ability to list products with photos and descriptions

  • FULL Access to the Worldwide Business Directory

  • Usage of all SIC & NAICS Tools and Resources

  • Ability to register a company by both SIC and NAICS

  • Company Promotion

Why Register on The Worldwide Business Directory?

Every business should be registered according to their SIC & NAICS codes

Registration provides your company a listing/profile. This enables you to be found by businesses and government contractors according to your industry classification code.